God works through Thanksgiving

Robert a Russell

Chapter 7 This works!

Recap, summary points.

Method, book intention is to give people or you an infallible and dependable method of practice which will produce new ideas and increase your power and means by which personal problems can be solved.  Personal desires and wishes can be fulfilled with this simple method.

A simple formula.

Thanksgiving and Praise. Attitude of Gratitude.

Things to be remembered about Thanksgiving.

1 The ultimate goal of all spiritual practices is to be so fully conscious of God ’s presence that we are unconscious of anything unlike God.

2 God is the source of all supply and also the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

3 The best method of living close to God is the practice of whole souled gratitude.

4 If we are grateful for the good things we have now, we shall receive more in the future. If we are grateful for everything, we shall constantly receive more of everything.

5 The perpetual attitude and theme of Thanksgiving brings the mind of men in the mind of God. Into perfect reciprocal action.

6 The Grateful mind is a powerful mind.

7 The thankful mind is always positive to the good. It looks for the best and brings the best out of everything.

8 A Grateful soul is accumulative.

9 The thankful soul lives in the now and expects everything in the present.

10 In love is love as reflected.

11 The Grateful soul is always a satisfied soul drawing its substance in life from within, it is always well.

12 The thankful soul is a productive soul.

13 The Grateful soul is a regenerative soul.

14 The Grateful soul is a balanced soul.  supply and demand are equal. Law of enough.